Urban displacement


Chinatown displacement impact study

Boston has been identified as one of the most rapidly gentrifying cities in the nation and the city with the third highest rate of income inequality. This semester, as part of its graduate course “Responding to Displacement: Strategies, Methods, Tools, Outcomes” (11.S938) MIT DRAN is engaging in an in-depth research project with the Boston based Chinese Progressive Organization (CPA) to bring critical attention to the displacement crisis facing the Chinatown neighborhood of Boston.


urban villages in Kuala Lampur (malaysia)

As the city’s plans gathers momentum, many residents of Kampung Bharu are preparing for a long battle against the redevelopment that threatens to transform the very way of life of the Kampung. In the next few months, MAS will be conducting a census of the Kampung’s residents that could generate vital data about the social and economic condition of the residents, including long-term renters who are currently excluded from the city’s plans for redevelopment.



The predicament of the urban poor in India’s capital city mirrors that of tens of millions of people in the large cities of the global South: when local government has been unable and/or unwilling to adequately handle massive rapid urbanization, urban migrants have created shelters for themselves on riverbanks, drainage ditches, railroad right-of-ways and other marginal spaces that allow them access to nearby employment. Such settlements in Delhi – known as Jhuggi Jhopri (JJ) clusters – house an estimated one to three million people. 


Safe and sound (cairo, egypt)

Safe and Sound is a MISTI funded research collaboration between researchers from MIT's Displacement Research and Action network and their counterparts within Cairo University and the American University in Cairo (AUC). The project explores the longstanding problem of informality, unsafe housing, and potential displacement in Cairo. The project will allow for faculty and students to come together with experienced Egyptian practitioners, academics and government officials to discuss various topics such as the ongoing efforts of slum eradication, visions of urban change in a post revolution Egypt, and the impact of the Syrian refugee crisis on housing, informality, and internal displacement.