Mohan Das Manandhar

Mohan Das Manandhar is an advisor to DRAN on Nepal. He is a policy expert in the areas of inclusive development, development management, organizational development, and social inclusion. Mr. Manandhar was a policy advisor to Nepal’s National Inclusion Commission at the Prime Minister’s Office, Government of Nepal. Having designed a research program on social inclusion in Nepal, he helped establish the Norwegian-funded Social Inclusion Research Fund (SIRF) in 2008 where he worked as the Senior Advisor for Policy and Institutionalization.

Mr. Manandhar was the founding Executive Director and a Board Member of Niti Foundation, a non-profit organization that funds policy research and engages Nepalis in remaking Nepal through Nepali-led policy change. He has co-authored ‘Policy Diagnostic Study Report of Nepal’ and led the project on ‘Catalyzing rapid Hydropower Development in Nepal’ – a project that mobilized reform constituencies in identifying major binding constraints for policy reform in Nepal’s hydropower development. As a policy expert, he has worked in the areas of justice and inequity in redefining policies of diverse development programs and projects in Nepal.

Mr. Manandhar was a faculty member at Kathmandu University, where he served as an Assistant Professor of Organization Behaviour and Managementas well as the interim Dean. He has taught Master level management courses at Lancaster University (UK) as a visiting lecturer. He was also the head of the institute at Ace Institute of Management (Nepal). He has co-authored a book on Organisation Development(2002) and edited a book State and Society: Exclusion and Inclusion in Nepal (2010). 

Mr. Manandhar served as a visiting scholar at MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning for two terms during 2015.